Is this Legit?

Update August 8, 2018….The collective and its membership would like to invite Massachusetts based companies and individuals who have applied for a Micro Cannabis Business License from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission to provide your products and services to our collective.   Please email us with details and your phone number and we will reach out to you.

To apply for a license, please visit this link:

Update April 5, 2018.…The MCCC is now accepting recreational marijuana license applications frompriority applicants.   Our collectiive is qualified to apply but after reviewing the information we will not be applying for a recreational license.   The collective membership group has agreed that the best fitf or us is to continue serving the medical cannabis community keeping our collective private and membersonly.

Update January 6, 2018……The five-member Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (MCCC) signed off on 108 pages of draft regulations for the marketing, sale and use of recreational marijuana. The rules advance to a public comment period and more hearings ahead of a March 15 deadline.

Recreational marijuana backers gave high marks to draft regulations for the pot industry that advocates say strike the balance between public safety and free enterprise — with the rules forcing weed buyers to show an ID and sign for all purchases.  The commission is also recommending recreational delivery services as well as allowing cafe’s, movie theatres, yoga studios and other retail business to offer Cannabis and Cannabis Products to be consumed onsite.

State Tax on Recreational cannabis and cannabis products are set at 17% with a 3% increase that can be imposed by local city’s and towns. In order to provide our membership access to quality and affordable medicine, we WILL NOT be including or allowing recreational Cannabis users into our members only club.   Medical Marijuana remains Tax Exempt, as it should be.

If you live in Massachusetts and would like to get a state issued MMJ card with no medical records  required CLICK HERE for the location of a walk in clinic with no appointment or medical records needed.  It’s quick, it’s   easy and it’s the law!

The Cannabis Oil Collective (COC) medical cannabis caregiver cooperative opened its doors in 2015 as the first legal online Medical Cannabis  provider. Instantly it was known for its professional, patient-centric operation style. The mantra that (COC) followed was “patients first,” a mantra that has since been used by many other organizations entering the medical cannabis industry.

With updated Medical Marijuana laws and changes in California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts and in order to stay compliant, we formed a private, members only collective that allows our member / patients access to top quality, name brand products at less than retail prices.  The law is silent on the formation of Private Member Cannabis Collective’s. Our legal department as well as our outside law firm tell us until specific language is added on this issue as well as other changes to the law as it is currently written, we are able to offer free membership in our private collective to all Massachusetts residents over age 21 who are card carrying Medical Marijuana patients.

Why Join Today?  The law could change at anytime and we are working to have our collective “grandfathered” in the event the recently appointed Massachusetts State Cannabis Commission decides to prohibit private collectives.

COC offers many strains, medicated edibles and smoking alternatives directly and discreetly to your home with the same friendly service and low prices people have come to expect. COC has also been known as an exemplar in community and outreach services by offering patient consulting, care giving services, and an online community, going above and beyond traditional dispensary services, making it clear to not only its patients, but the community and the local government as well, that cannabis is much more important than many people deem it to be.

As an organization, it is our top priority to provide our patient-members with quality medication at the low prices they’ve come to expect from us. It is important to The Cannabis Oil Company to offer our patients a comfortable and accessible place to  purchase medication from professional and courteous staff members.

As a community not for profit, COC strives to be a valuable asset to the surrounding neighborhood and maintain a welcoming and safe environment for neighbors, local businesses and patients alike. It continues to be a lengthy process to open an online storefront, but we couldn’t be more thrilled with the final product. We hope you will stop by our online store often, which offers save, secure delivery to your home or office.