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Open Package and start puffing!, Complete Oil Vape Pen set up (battery, charger and cartridge filled with 500mg of Pure Cannabis Oil} THC 72.2%


Our vape pens are vaporizers designed for use with our oils right out of the box.  What makes ours unique are its buttonless, stealth, and sleek features and most of all when you open the box you just start puffing!!   REFILL CARTRIDGES AVAILABLE FOR $69.95 EACH.  

 Our Vape Oil Pens come with refillable, replaceable cartridges and are small enough to be kept in your pocket, purse or bag. Ours especially, are leak-proof, extremely easy to use, and easy to take and store virtually anywhere. They are designed to vaporize oil at the perfect temperature and provide the right amount of vapor for the right amount of time. They also time-out before they get too hot. The batteries last for up to 300 puffs and are easily rechargeable via a USB drive in under 3.5 hours.   Compare to the dispensary's price of $65 per 250mg (1/4) gram cartridge.